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It is so much fun to welcome you and share our hearts and lives with you. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lemon water…whatever you love, and we can take a few moments to get to know one another.


Welcome grab a cuppa and get to know us


Mr. Man

We are Kate and Don. I love calling my man Mr Man…he is an awesome part of my life. His heart of gold shines daily. It is wonderful to have such a great support system.

Mr Man’s career has been filled with a variety of  welcome opportunities.. He spent many years in management, but found he was happiest working with his hands. Once he realized this he took a highly skilled job building jet engines. He loved it!!!! During this part of his work life he became quite ill, and we have had the privilege of having him home ever since.



My career has an evolving life. I am a late bloomer in most areas of life. Education, marriage, children, and career all came late in life for me.

I began college life by attending and graduating from Franklin Institute receiving my certification in photography. Then in my late 20’s I went to college to study art. While I was in  art college my sweetheart and I were re united..that is a story for later. We once again we fell in love and married.

Early in our marriage I taught skin care. I moved on to weight loss, and today I am in a niche I love…blogging about debt free-living, essential oils, vintage travel, and the simple life. It just doesn’t get better than that!

Thirty-four years later we live a self-sufficient life, are debt free, have three adult children. We live in the country ,grow, organic gardens and orchards. We have a lifestyle that has been re-imagined many times.


Our Life Together

Welcome: Getting together


Our married life together began in a small city in the country. We enjoyed our life in the city. As we started having children we needed more indoor and outdoor space. Off we went to another city with an acre of land for the kids to run around on. Never mind that we bought a 3 story, 10 room farm-house that needed a total redo!!! Debt living here we come. By now we had charge cards, and knew how to use them. We used them for everything!!



Suddenly, we had a life changing moment. Mr. Man took very ill. He actually died, but they were able to bring  him back to life. We were all in a state of shock. Life for all of us would change forever. No more work for him for many reasons.

While Mr. man was working he made a very good salary. Unfortunately, we chose to incur debt, and had zero savings.  After he became ill we lost two-thirds of our income. We carried a mortgage, and had 3 young children. This was a recipe for disaster in our lives.

That kick in the backside shoved me into frugal living, and gave me a burning desire to get out of debt. I strongly dislike crises living. We accomplished our.. get out of debt goals within 6 months except for the mortgage.  On one-third of the salary we had before his illness. As we considered how to pay off the mortgage we chose to sell the house, move to a home half the size in the woods on 12 acres of land. Moving out of the city, and into the woods gave us a debt free beautiful home. Debt free-living,….check. It has been over 13 years that we have been 100 pct debt free, and many more years debt free except the mortgage. It was challenging at times, but well worth the effort we have put into living debt free on a very small income.

Your Visit

Enjoy your visit and time here on our blog. Our heart goal is to help you move forward in life. Before you put down your cuppa we welcome your comments, and would love to know what are you are looking forward to learning here?


Till next time,

Kate and Mr. Man


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