Stinky Car Smell: How we got rid of it, Yes.

stinky car smell nope.

Nooooooo..we have a stinky car smell. Oh, my gosh…you cannot imagine how surprised we were when we decided it was time to take our, new to us, used Toyota Avalon out of the barn turned the heater on, and smelt stinky car smell. The smell of the barn came pouring out of the heaters and air ventss.  Our car had been stored in our barn for a season after buying it.

We were heading out for an appointment, and could not do anything to fix the situation. Mr. Man decided he would fully evaluate the situation the following day. On the way to our appointment we discussed several alternatives for fixing the situation. Since neither of us are interested in chemical sprays. That was not an option. After thinking about the options we decided we would try Young Living Oils as our first choice. I so love my oils.

The very next day he was on it. We had a small bottle of Young Living Lemongrass oil in water, we added Purification oil to the Lemongrass spray that we already had. Mr. Man went out to the car shook the bottle well to combine the oil and water, opened the hood, and sprayed the air intake grate. Then he went in, and sprayed the 4 air blower vents. After a few days he also dropped several drops of straight Thieves and Purification into the intake grate, and the air vents for added protection.


stinky car smell no more                                                                                                                                                                            stinky car smell poof

Much to our delight the smell was 99 pct gone!!!  Once summer hits we will do another spray, and add extra drops straight up. I love it when something that is actually good for you, and does no harm to your body really works. Don’t you? If you have a smell in your car heating system or air vents give this a try.

Here’s How to Get Rid of Stinky Car Smell


  1. 1- 4 0z glass bottle with sprayer
  2. Add 3 ozs of water
  3. Drop 20 drops of Lemongrass oil
  4. Drop 20 drops of Purification oil
  5. Add additional water to fill the bottle..leave room for the sprayer so the bottle does not overflow.
  6. Put the sprayer into the bottle and tighten
  7. Shake well before using
  8. Spray the heating ducts, and the air blower vents inside the car.
  9. A day or so later drop a few drops straight from the bottle into the heating ducts and air blower vents inside the car.


Other Stinky Smells

If you have a room that has a smell, you can try an atomizer diffuser, or a regular diffuser, and place the correct amount of Lemongrass and Purification in the diffuser. Turn it on. I have not tried this myself.
How about using it for stinky shoes or in sports sneakers…. shake the bottle well, and spray the shoes after use.
Spray in the toilet before you sit down and have a BM…Too much info there, but it works. I do it.
If you find yourself in need of getting rid of problem smells. This may be a great solution. I know we were so happy that this one easy idea worked. I was really upset on my way to the appointment as this new used car is so delightful, pretty, and is a sweet ride. The next day when the smell was gone I was a happy camper.


Till next time,