Bringing Home The Honey Bees!

Honey bees

Honey Bees

It’s official we are beekeepers! Our first nuc of honey bees are coming home today! After much research on the net, reading books, and completing our 8 week class on how to raise  honey bees taught by a professional bee keeper it is time to bring them home. During our last class in early spring we were scheduled to pick up our first nuc. A nuc is a small box that holds five frames, with about 20,000 young bees, and their queen. We packed the car with our bee suits and made sure the trunk was empty as that is where we would place the bees to bring them home. After closing the trunk we climbed in the car and began our 1 hour jaunt to the beekeepers bee yard. If you are interested in being a beekeeper or just love to read about bees come along with us to pick up our bees.

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Debt Mindset Changing

Debt mindset changing: the lion in you

Debt Mindset  Changing?

When debt mindset changing is not your strong point…..let yourself off the hook.  It’s okay if you chose not to get out of debt. Keep in mind if you chose not to get out of debt you will be in the same position or worse in the future then you are now.

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Closet Makeover – Mix Creativity With Logic


closet makeover finished

As I begin to ponder last year’s closet makeover I am looking out my window and seeing  that it is a great winter day here. The sky is blue and the ground is snowy white. It is a winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, and sled toting kinda day. Days like today remind me of the simplicity, and beauty of nature. She has a natural order spring, summer, fall and winter. As we continue to move forward into a simple, uncluttered life I am using nature for inspiration. The seasons are beautiful, creative and full of logic. The closet makeover will be creative and logical.

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