Scores at Harbor Freight for Mr. Man

Scores Big Savings

He scores 25% not just 20% !

Mr. Man’s birthday was coming up in about month. He is a do it yourself kinda guy…a self sufficient man!  Mr. Man loves to rack up his scores! He wanted a Wheel Balancer from Harbor Freight for his birthday. My oldest daughter and I took a little trip in town to purchase his new toy. We found it easily and purchased it.  I knew I could get a coupon for at least 20 % with  my smart phone. I did not have my smart phone with me. OOOPs. We purchased it full price.


Fast forward almost a month. Mr. Man opens his present  (WHICH HE LOVES), and asks if we got a discount when we bought it? Weeeelll, I say sheepishly as we are both extremely frugal…nooooo we didn’t. He pipes up nooooooo problem. Do you have the receipt? Yes, I respond. We grab it, and he looks at the date on it. It has been 27 days since we bought the balancer.

Harbor Freight allows you to come in and use your coupon for a month after purchase.  The very next day which is day 28 we cruise in town and voila…we get 25 % off..whoooo hoooo!. The coupon he found had an additional 5 % on it. Now that is a score! Here’s the break down.


How He Scores on the Wheel Balancer

Wheel banacer Mr Man scores

I Originally Charged:

  1. Sale price was 79.99 for the balancer.
  2.  Almost a month later he gets a 25 pct discount using his smart phone.
  79.99 full price
– 20.00  25 % discount
  $ cost
 The 20.00 discount goes onto our charge. Now I have a 20.61 credit balance. Great addition to my December Credit Card Fast.
He needs weights for the balancer.
Weights cost
 8.99 each
17.98 total
He buys two and gets a 25 pct discount on one item. As that is what they allow. He uses the charge so he can use the credit balance. Nice.
 17.98 total
– 2.25 25 pct discount
  15.73  total cost

Total of Today’s Savings:

$22.25 and I still have a credit balance of….4.02.
Look for Harbor Freight coupons in papers delivered to your home, ones you can print online, or on your smart phone. We never go to Harbor Freight without getting discounts.
  1. If you want to get scores like Mr. Man at Harbor Freight. Begin by hopping on the Harbor Freight site. There are links to the discounts on the site. We use our smart phone at the cash register to get the discount.
  2.  If your willing to dig deeper than you can find larger codes online. In this case Mr. Man typed in coupon codes for Harbor Freight, and found a current 25 % off  coupon.
  3. Mr. Man says that Harbor Freight does not always put their best deal where you can find it easily.
  4. Our best deals at Harbor Freight and other places are found by searching the internet for coupon codes. We use the search bar and type in coupon codes for in this case Harbor Freight. Next deal is the regular coupon deals that are found on the site, or in advertisements sent to you in the mail. And of course finding the item on sale sweetens the deal.
  5. There is also a coupon that if you buy something, you have a choice of free items to choose from. We have gotten many led flashlights and other goodies using that coupon.
Here is a link to Harbor Freight and remember dig deeper for that added extra discount by typing into your search bar Harbor Freight coupon codes.


Til next time,