Hot Chocolate Stained Sweater Busted : How I did It !

hot chocolate stained sweater no more

Hot Chocolate Stained Sweater Busted


My hot chocolate stained sweater …my favorite sweater! Thieves Household cleaner you are my hero! You did it! You got that hot chocolate stained sweater sparkling clean. Here is how it happened. Mr. Man and I were sharing a fun, quiet moment at a local sit down- have a cuppa of something cafe. Before I knew it drip, drip, drip went the hot chocolate down the front of my very favorite sweater. Did that cup or my mouth have a hole in it or something? I sighed and decided I would take care of it as soon as I got home. Later that day after arriving home life happened…and it happened for a week. The hot chocolate stained sweater sat there drying, and the chocolate was going deeper into the fibers.


One Week Later

Fast forward to the moment I realized my hot chocolate stained sweater is still sitting there after a week. Yikes…now I am super motivated, but clueless about how to remove that stain. Remember this sweater is my FAVORITE SWEATER.
The first step I took was to check out one of my go to blogs. One Good Thing. I checked her site out, and sure enough she had a post about a hot chocolate stained sweater which I cannot find at the moment. I did find the formula I used.  It used Dawn dish washing liquid, baking soda, and ammonia. I am allergic to ammonia, and I am not crazy about Dawn. I tried it without the ammonia…It removed a portion of the hot chocolate stains, but not all. I tried it a second time, and the stains remained the same. I am much more of a non chemical, natural loving, product user so I go looking for another solution. I troll the internet and Pinterest, and I really do not find much on how to remove this stain naturally. There were things, but nothing that tweaked me. I start to feel a little panicked.



Vague Memory: Hot Chocolate Stained Sweater

Then some vague memory popped up in my mind about my Young Living Oils, and I remember that Household Thieves Cleaner removes all kinds of stains. I checked out the internet, and there wasn’t much on how to use Thieves Household Cleaner for my sweater, but I forged on figuring the sweater was a total loss anyway. The first application removed all the stains, but one…Yippppee. It was so much better. But the one that was left was bugging me, so I re-applied the cleaner, waited, blotted, and this time it all came out.

No More Stain

No more hot chocolate stained sweater



How To Do It


  1. Try to clean the stain I blew that step.
  2. Drop a few drops of Household Thieves on the stain making sure the stain is covered. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  3. Blot with a cloth..I used a white cloth, because the area of the stain on the sweater was white…3 of the stains were gone immediately. One of them was persistent, and was not gone completely.
  4. At this point I hand rinsed the sweater where I had applied the Thieves.
  5. I decided to re-apply the Thieves Household cleaner on that stubborn stain. I Waited a few minutes. Then I blotted it. It came out. Wow!! I so happy!!!
  6. I washed the sweater, and let it dry on my kitchen table. All the stains were gone.

I wore it again just the other day. I am so glad I have a stainless sweater.


Make Sure You

Check a small inconspicuous area with the cleaner to make sure it is not going to cause your color to run or fade your item. There is a natural yellowish color to the cleaner, but I found it did not stain the item you are cleaning.



What I learned along the way.

  1. I learned to be brave, and try something different even though I was not sure of the outcome.
  2. Some people recommend using a toothbrush on a sweater stain. I do not recommend using a toothbrush to get down into the fibers of a sweater. It is a bit to rough for the fiber. It caused a bit of  a blemish to the sweater surface. Use the blot technique. You can blot on both sides of the fabric if needed.
  3. Make sure I carry a small glass jar of Thieves Household Cleaner, and a little cloth with me. I drink a lot of hot chocolate, and wear many sweaters on the road.

Do you have a sweater or item that is stained, and you just do not wear it anymore?

Grab your Thieves Household Cleaner, test for color safety, drop a bit on, let it sit, blot, wash, air dry, and re-apply if necessary. Give that stain a whirl. You never know. If I had not attempted to remove the hot chocolate stains from my favorite sweater it would have ended up in the trash.

Till next time,