Debt Mindset Changing

Debt mindset changing: the lion in you

Debt Mindset  Changing?

When debt mindset changing is not your strong point…..let yourself off the hook.  It’s okay if you chose not to get out of debt. Keep in mind if you chose not to get out of debt you will be in the same position or worse in the future then you are now.

What is a mindset?

The word mindset has several meanings. I chose this one.

A fixed state of mind.


What is a debt mindset?

A fixed state of mind about debt and getting out of debt.

What is your fixed state of mind about your debt?


Do you like where you are financially today? Are your charge cards at zero monthly? Do you have back due bills?  If you do not like what you see in your bank account or mailbox then maybe it is time to rethink the idea of becoming debt-free.


Rethinking the idea

I want to encourage you to see yourself and your finances differently then you do right now or have in the past?

My first debt mindset changing experience in finances came as a total shock. It was simple. It was dramatic for sure. After spending two weeks living in a hospital room with Mr. Man who had taken very ill I came home, and in the mail I found the following.



A. Water bill 6 months behind

B. Electric bill 3 months behind and a turn off notice

C. Telephone bill 3 months behind and a turn off notice


Mr. Man did all the bills, but he worked so hard ..12 hours a day, 10 days in a row, and  he traveled 2 hours daily. He really never had any time to do them. And I had no idea we were behind.

That was the final step for me. I literally had an instant mindset change. That was the day I decided no more crises living in the area of finances. I will get out of debt, and stay out of debt. Unfortunately for me it took a crisis to wake me up and change my mindset.



Yes: Debt Mindset Changing

You can have a mindset change anytime you desire.

Here’s How

  1. Look at what can be done, and not what you believe cannot be done. Stop focusing on what you cannot do. Once you make this mindset change you might not know how to make it happen yet, but it is now on the table. Your life is now  full of possibilities for getting out of debt. This one step will open doors to all kinds of answers. The answers and solutions cannot enter into a closed-door or mind. It just cannot.

2.  Rejoice, be happy and content that this debt weight you are carrying around            will not be there forever, because you have made a debt mindset change.           a      Now you are going to be able to move forward.




Pacing Yourself

Debt mindset changing. Pacing yourself

Once you have changed your mindset about debt it is time to make new choices. You will want to ask yourself this question.

At what pace do I want to move forward?


Here’s How

  1. You could hook up to a zip line and whiz through the process.
  2. You could take a leisurely walk on a sandy beach.


Your pace could be either of the two above or somewhere in between. The choice is yours. This is a great next step.


Step 3

Action Step

Here’s How

  1. Search your bills for a low-cost easy pay now item.
  2. Pay that bill now. Literally right now. Find a way.

You can do the above task. Choose not to buy something…. anything will do.  apply it to a debt. Get those debt free juices flowing. That is the point of the above task.


Simple Process

Debt mindset changing is a simple process, and requires just one thing …. making a choice to change your mind about your financial life. Stop looking what you cannot do and start realizing what can be done. Debt mindset changing will change your life!


After your mindset change you have some easy steps to follow. Find your pace and be flexible with it. You may start out with a walk on the beach, and then decide this is so awesome that you hook up to a zip line.


After deciding your pace, a small action step will make it a real for you. When you take that action step the first time by mailing in that first low-cost bill you will be clicking your heels together with a big silly grin on your face knowing that you are no longer stuck. Because you are not. More and more debt mindset changing is going to come your way!!!!

Till next time,