Debt Free , Oiled Up, Simple Life!

A Good Start

Want to start living a debt free, essential oil, simple, real food eating, farm growing, rving life? LOL. Or any one of the above? These things have been my passion for 20 plus years. We have had many life changing experiences, and as we share what we have learned feel free take away what you need to make the changes your heart desires for your life.. Start here and now. Learn how to streamline your life so you may gain the ground, and transformations you are looking for and more quickly. In each category I will share a bit about why we decided to move forward and make these changes. First up is debt free living.



Debt Free Living: 

Drive down the debt free road


Debt wearing you down? Want to be debt free? You can transform finances. Our lives took a trip down a very difficult road changing our family’s lives forever. When Mr Man became ill we instantly lost 2/3  of our income. Five of us lived on 1/3 of the income we had been accustomed to in our world. That fact alone catapulted us into wanting to live debt free!!!! I am so glad it did. It was a sink or swim situation and by golly I was going to swim. You have hope and possibilities for a totally debt free life with or without a crisis to motivate you.

Transform finances


 Simple Living : And Clutter Free

Debt free clutter free. It can happen.

Is a simple and clutter free life a secret desire of yours, but not yet accomplished?Debt free living combines well with simple living. Start to walk this journey with us!  Welcome to my simple world! Simplicity in many ways came to me as a result of our world crashing due to hubby’s health issues, and 15 years later I am still  in the process of redefining what simple is to me. I want to be able to live in a 1000 or so square foot house for our retirement years.

The home we currently live in has about 2,000 sq feet not including the cellar, 3 bay garage with an apartment on the second floor. I have gone through and decluttered the kitchen, living room, library, all 3 bedrooms, the cellar, three bay  garage and the apartment. We let go of  a ton of things. As I look over my home several rooms would be pretty much empty if my daughter and grandson were not living here. That really excites me because it means we have made real progress. Since the  goal is to live in half the space we have here on the main floor…or about 1,o00 or so square feet we need to move through the process again and eliminate more non-essential items.

Are you wanting to live a clutter free life? One that will be easier and calming to your soul?  Do you want to create more free time instead of taking care of stuff? We will share our process and choices with you as we declutter more and more.

Simple Living


Real Food: Why We Eat It

 Debt Free Real food bread, yum.

A healthy life, is a goal that most of us wish to attain for sure. Good health was a primary need and a major focus in our lives. We followed the current recommendations for his health conditions. That included low-fat, no red meat, chicken and fish only, no cholesterol or salt.. diet, and as a result both of our adrenals and thyroid crashed. We needed a change. Adding real food, drinking goats milk, eating gluten-free due to allergies, using coconut oil, rendering  grass-fed fat, bringing back salt in the form of Celtic sea salt has enhanced our lives. I can still remember eating my first grass-fed pork chop loaded up with salt. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. It had been some 20 plus years since either of those items had met my tongue.

Do you want to start eating a real food lifestyle and want to learn about it?

Real Food


 Home Front: Farm Life

Debt free farm life

Changing our eating habits required us to change what we purchased from the grocery store. We stepped back in time and looked for local farmer’s markets, and began buying our food at the market. We quickly found a farmer who would sell organic veggies in bulk. We chose to buy the food when the farmer was up to his eyeballs in a particular vegetable. We tend to pay $1.25 a pound for organic carrots, green beans, potatoes, peppers, and onions purchased in bulk in season. I then store or preserve them. This year I got 24 heads of beautiful organic broccoli for$ 24.00. I steamed it, bagged it up, and we are eating it tonite for supper in the middle of winter.

Since we have arrived here we have been growing organic fruits and vegetables. It was done a step at a time and now we have an abundance of organic fruit and vegetables. You will find strawberries,raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, elderberries, apples, pears and mulberries. In the summer we grow broccoli, cauliflower, kale, herbs, onions, peppers, and many more vegetables.  Yes, I still buy my food at the farmer’s market. I have streamlined my gardening to grow a lot of the most expensive food items. My bulk buying at the farmer’s markets is geared to the less expensive items and even more so because I buy them when the farmer is overflowing in them. Then there is raising the bees and making our own maple syrup.

Grass fed meat was a different story …. very expensive and that took us awhile to make the change. We decided to convert the 3 bay garage into a home for animals. It started with grass-fed chickens then we added goats, ducks, guinea hens, geese and sheep. It is a different world for us today and we are the better for it.

Have you been wanting to transform your world into a more self-sufficient, garden growing life?

Homefront: Farmlife


Essential Oils: Life Changing for Us

Debt free essentials oils life

Life changing is the only way I could describe my decision to integrate essential oils our lives. We decided to use Young Living oils to boost and support  our health, transform our cleaning and personal care product and we have never looked back. These oils keep us on track winter, summer spring or fall. Whatever the season or need we have an oil for that. LOl. If you would like to learn how to raise the wellness line, create a cleaner toxic free home, and enjoy chem free personal care this is how we did it. By using oils that are therapeutic level, farm raised, no chemicals,harvested, distilled, and tested for pureness and the right level of constituents this is the company for you. We are the only company that raises our own herbs, flowers, plants ect in the United States. That makes all the difference for me and all the people who have started using the oils with me.



RVing: Then there was Lucy

meet our debt free Little Lucy vintage trailer

Is RV’ing a secret dream of yours?  This is a project we are just starting. Ah, Lucy is our next journey.  A promise about to become a reality. We are so close…but not quite there yet. Lucy is our 14 foot Vintage trailer. This little trailer will be re-purposed simply and on a strict budget. Soon you will find us out in the garage, banging, painting, designing and transforming a faithful but tired trailer back to all she can be. Mr. Man and I cannot wait till we get out on the road. Traveling the back roads of this country, visiting family and friends all over the US. She is still in the planning stages but not for much longer. After she is redone we will take a few longish trips then we will see if we want to sell her for a class B or C trailer, and we will go on a years journey. Are you dreaming of a vintage trailer or RV’ing in general?

If you are looking for ideas to move forward in debt free living, simple living, real food, raising organic food, redoing an rv than you have come to the right place. Have fun and enjoy.

Till the next time,


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