Credit Card Fast Results: January Results Series Part 2

credit card fast results in December?

Credit Card Fast Results for January



Credit card fast results from December. How did we do? It has been a very interesting challenge, and took us by surprise. We have had a credit card for a ton of years since becoming debt free. We have never paid an interest payment, and we want to keep it that way.

What happened when we implemented this credit card fast? There is one simple answer…EVERYTHING!  We purchased all our Christmas gifts in November. Good to go, right? Mid to late December life began to warp into ridiculousness, and we began to wonder if we had been transported into someone else’s life. Read on to see what transpired, and how we managed to move through it all.

Here are our Credit Card Fast Results

Regular items charged monthly:

These items would be charged as usual.
1. Netflix
2. Young Living essential oils

Easy Challenges

The items below would be less expensive if we bought them with our charge online, but chose not to charge them until January.
  1. Mr. Man wanted to buy a specialized cord that would allow us to run our computer on the tv. We decided it could wait until January.
  2. He also wanted to purchase several other items but we put them on hold.

The Critical Challenges

My Daughter

One of my adult daughters who is living with us at this moment had a major dental emergency. She was in constant pain with 4 impacted wisdom teeth. She needed pain medication, an antibiotic, and oral surgery.
We have discovered that there is a shortage of oral surgeons in the area, and she would have to wait until Feb 2 to have her teeth removed. In addition the cost of doing this is astronomical. She did not have insurance. She would need help.

How did this affect my credit card?

Mr. Man took her to her emergency appointment, and they prescribed an antibiotic. At this point Mr. Man did not have any cash to buy her medication so he charged it. We have a big box store charge, and I was able to go to the store and pay off the cost of the med right away. Time to move on.

My Challenge

Your not going to believe this, but one of my front teeth which is crowned crumbled in the back just before Christmas. You should have seen me trying my best to keep that tooth from falling out. LOL It was amusing. This happened a week after my daughter had her dental crisis. Here was the challenge. My daughter needed the cash I had for my teeth to fix her teeth.
I decided to hold off on my care to make sure I had enough cash in my dental fund for my daughter in case we could get her to an oral surgeon sooner then the appointment in Feb. My situation was not critical. Amusing but not critical.  We were trying to get her into a different office to take care of her situation. That did not work out because of we have a shortage of oral surgeons in this area. In the meantime, my daughter was able to get insurance, and they would cover the removal of her teeth. Still needs to wait until February 2nd.
I went to see my dentist, and got the news that it would cost $1900 to fix my tooth. I need a new crown and a post and core, and I had a cavity in the crowned tooth. I do have insurance, and they will pay about half. But still, yikes!  I was able to get a pre-approval done with my insurance company, and my portion of the bill is $975.  I will use my stash of cash for dental needs.

How did this affect my credit card?

My appointment to fix the tooth was scheduled for January. No problem.

Next Problem

My pellet stove decided it wanted to be cranky in December.
Really… needed several repairs. Mr. Man found  temporary fixes so we could hold off till January.  I will use my emergency fund to pay for this in January. Another credit card charge avoided in December.

Followed By

 My washer and dryer needed repair. What??? They were still working, but are definitely in need of repair. They will have to wait till January and I will use my emergency fund to pay for it. Teeth and heat are more important.

Final Problem

Our plow truck did not want to start….. We have to have it to plow snow here in the winter. We had it towed…no cost to us as we have towing service with AAA. Love my AAA.  Cost to fix the truck…$300.oo

How did it affect my credit card ?

We paid cash to fix the truck. I have a stash of cash for fixing vehicles.

What do you think of our credit card fast results?

 Final Thoughts on the Credit Card Fast Results

 Are you rolling your eyes yet, bursting out laughing at this ridiculous month?
Did you notice I had 5  CRITICAL  emergencies in December. HUMphhhhh.
This month challenged us hard. These problems were incredibly difficult and stressful. Using creativity, self discipline, and making good choices we were able to wait, or pay cash, and not use the credit card. Even though the month was hard I am glad we have been able to share our credit card fast results with you.

Principles We Applied

  1. Kept our commitment not to use the credit card. Except for my daughter’s medication, and we paid that right away.
  2. Paid cash for the things I did not have a choice about.
  3. Put off to another month what items we could.
  4. Figured out how to fix one of the issues with the stove for $4.00 instead of spending $180.00 for a new part.
The challenge was on, and you can bet I was going to win!!!! We have been debt free for about 15 years, and we want to keep it this way. This opportunity helped me to reinforce my commitment to keep the debt free mindset in spite of life’s challenges.

What Will You Do?

Ask yourself , do I want to do a credit card fast? Am I committed  to a credit card fast?  What mindsets do I need to develop to move forward with my commitment? How will I handle the challenges that come my way while doing a credit card fast?This fast will help you DEVELOP creative solutions instead of running to your credit card for help. But developing a mindset that says I will not take out a loan, or charge my emergencies will make a great dent into your getting out of debt strategy.
Till next time,