Closet Makeover – Mix Creativity With Logic


closet makeover finished

As I begin to ponder last year’s closet makeover I am looking out my window and seeing  that it is a great winter day here. The sky is blue and the ground is snowy white. It is a winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, and sled toting kinda day. Days like today remind me of the simplicity, and beauty of nature. She has a natural order spring, summer, fall and winter. As we continue to move forward into a simple, uncluttered life I am using nature for inspiration. The seasons are beautiful, creative and full of logic. The closet makeover will be creative and logical.


The closet makeover on my side was done by season, and Mr Man’s was  set up using logic. His needed to be done in a way that he can get to what he needs without thinking. Everything important within sight and reach.


Come revisit my closet makeover from last year. Before the make over when you opened the door you would have to climb over all kinds of junk.There were piles of clothes, buckets, baskets, and on and on. Last year I slammed into that closet and removed everything that was in there. I kept storage items in the closet such as paperwork, medical items, etc in small labeled buckets. It took some creativity to get this accomplished as I had a lot of items that needed to stay in the closet. Since then the closet has stayed very organized and happy.


 The Revisit

I was very pleased at the system I put into place a year ago is still working for me.


My Side of the Closet makeover:

closet makeover my side


I ordered my side of the closet by seasons.
My closet space is on the left hand side as you walk in. I am working from left to right.

First up were my bathrobes and than my coats:

  • Pink bathrobe
  • Brown Bathrobe
  • Fall and winter jackets
  • Spring and summer jackets


I still have too many coats in my wardrobe. Yet, I removed so many last year. Our weather here creates the need for many types of jackets and coats.


 Next comes the current season of clothes:


It is fall moving into winter.
I moved my fall/winter clothes from the right or back part of the rod, and placed them after the coats and jackets.
It took me 5 minutes to accomplish this task. Easy peasy.
I ordered them by dressy clothes, than casual clothes.


Dressy Clothes

  • dresses
  • pants
  • tops


Casual clothes
  • pants
  • tops


We are preparing to move as well as simplifying and de-cluttering our lives.
 When you look at my pics you will notice that there are packed buckets on the floor and on Mr. Man’s shelves. Most of these are things that I decided to keep for the next house or are still useful while living in this house.


Mr. Man’s Side of the Closet Makeover


closet makeover his side


Here I applied logic and creativity.
Hubby is an outdoors man, a work with his hands type of man. In home organizing is not his strong point. I had to think creatively to arrange his closet in a way that he does not need to think about where to put things.
His side of the closet is on the right side. I am working from right to left to right.


First up are coats:
  •  Fall  & Winter  jackets & coats
  • Spring and Summer jackets


Here is where we differ. All my fall and winter clothes are together his fall and winter clothes are together. He wears the same work pants, dress pants and jeans, summer or winter so this is the easiest way to do it. Each year I buy him 5 pairs of pants and replace last years new casual pants with this years new casual pants. I rotate out the old work pants and rotate in last years new casual pants into the work pants section. One year I buy blue colored jeans and the next year I buy black colored jeans. This way the work pants never get mixed up with the casual new pants. This used to happen a lot when they were all the same color. When this happened brand new pants would be ruined and he would not have nice casual pants.


Because we are in fall/ winter mode his short sleeved shirts come first, then his long sleeved shirts. The long sleeved shirts are placed right beside his pants . He does not have to search for the right shirt. If it were spring I would have placed his long sleeved shirts first then his short sleeved.  His short sleeved shirts would be right beside his pants.


Next comes casual clothes, than dressy clothes, and finally his work clothes. I purposely chose to place Mr. Man dress clothes between his casual and work clothes to help prevent him from grabbing casual clothes instead of work clothes, and ruining good casual clothes. The work clothes are at the right end of the closet as this is what he uses the most and they are the first clothes he sees when walking into the closet. His secondary needs are his casual clothes and lastly his dress clothes. It is simple, and works extremely well for Mr. Man. I no longer find clothes moved around or out of place.


Next comes his shirts and pants


I am working right to left.


Casual clothes
  • short sleeved shirts
  • long sleeved shirts
  • pants


Dressy clothes
  •  short sleeved
  • long sleeved
  • pants
  • short sleeved shirts
  • long sleeved shirts
Because we are moving I have packed many things that would have been on bathroom shelves or in the draws and have placed them on the shelves on hubby’s side of the closet.

That’s It: Closet Makeover Finished

closet makeover finished
My closet make over was easy once I made a simple plan.
When arranging  closets think about the person who is using the closet, and arrange it according to their needs. What do you need, or what does your hubby need ?
 I had to think about how I like to order my clothes, and then I needed to consider my husband’s habits and what he needed. I was able to order his side in a way that worked for him, and still stayed neat. Get creative and use logic to arrange your closet.
Are you ready for your closet make over? What will your plan look like?

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