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Priceless Moments: Soothe Your Soul

This weeks priceless moments

Priceless Moments….Happy days!!!!  Introducing a weekly photo blitz of special moments, flashes of life, weddings, flowers, food, places we go and see, priceless moments that flit in and out of my life. Sit back and enjoy. It is a take a moment, breathe deep, enter in, let go and relax while you scroll through a life lived in photographs. This is for you Lori girl….you inspired this. Thank you..


Priceless Moments Enjoying Blueberries


Milk and blueberries priceless moments


It is a blueberry and sometimes blackberry world…Walked out my back door, stepped into my gardens and picked blueberries and blackberries, washed them off, and poured milk over them…See the bubbles…so delicious…and delightful.


Growing Food in a Box


Priceless moments organic lettuce


Ahhhh a garden box full of good food. Lettuce, parsley and basil right outside my door. I never even leave my deck. Priceless moments…click…recorded for forever


Beach Wedding Surprise


Beachy Wedding priceless moments


Wide eyed wonder priceless moments


priceless moments wedding feet in the sand


Wedding flowers priceless moments


All she wanted was her feet in the sand. All he wanted was her by his side as his wife. Let’s get married…three days later we all had our feet in the sand, waves lapping in the background, the sun setting, one awed little boy standing between them taking it all in, and I do’s being said ..  What a humble couple. Teary eyed and incredibly happy for you Faith and Dave.



I hope you enjoyed the many glimpses, and the priceless moments in our life…

What special moments have you recorded in your life today?

Till next time,











Decluttering – Keep Or Let Go!


decluttering keep or let go



Decluttering ~Do I keep it or let it go? This is the very basic question you will find yourself asking as you are decluttering your world. Sometimes the answer comes quickly, and other times you will ponder it for a while. As I have been decluttering I realized that there are underlying questions to ask in order to find the answer to the original keep or let go question.

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Closet Makeover – Mix Creativity With Logic


closet makeover finished

As I begin to ponder last year’s closet makeover I am looking out my window and seeing  that it is a great winter day here. The sky is blue and the ground is snowy white. It is a winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, and sled toting kinda day. Days like today remind me of the simplicity, and beauty of nature. She has a natural order spring, summer, fall and winter. As we continue to move forward into a simple, uncluttered life I am using nature for inspiration. The seasons are beautiful, creative and full of logic. The closet makeover will be creative and logical.

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