Our Website Got Hacked! Don’t Be A Victim!

Got Hacked b

Our Website Got Hacked! Don’t Be A Victim! Or:

“Don’t Do What I Did, Cause I Did What I Did, And It Didn’t Do Very Much For Me!” Did It???

I’ve been away from blogging and working with WordPress sites for some time now and I guess you could say I was more then a little “Rusty”!

“Moldy comes to mind”

Years ago all I ever had to worry about was getting spam thru WordPress comments, so I just made sure that I always ran the anti-spam Akismet plugin.

Well this time around, That’s what I started with, and I foolishly assumed that my WordPress had automatic built-in security along with my hosting company (who bragged about their security) So, I assumed I had nothing to worry about!

(HA HA HA HA!) I found out that this is not the case and I found out the hard way! More →