Scores at Harbor Freight for Mr. Man

Scores Big Savings

He scores 25% not just 20% !

Mr. Man’s birthday was coming up in about month. He is a do it yourself kinda guy…a self sufficient man!  Mr. Man loves to rack up his scores! He wanted a Wheel Balancer from Harbor Freight for his birthday. My oldest daughter and I took a little trip in town to purchase his new toy. We found it easily and purchased it.  I knew I could get a coupon for at least 20 % with  my smart phone. I did not have my smart phone with me. OOOPs. We purchased it full price.


Stinky Car Smell: How we got rid of it, Yes.

stinky car smell nope.

Nooooooo..we have a stinky car smell. Oh, my gosh…you cannot imagine how surprised we were when we decided it was time to take our, new to us, used Toyota Avalon out of the barn turned the heater on, and smelt stinky car smell. The smell of the barn came pouring out of the heaters and air ventss.  Our car had been stored in our barn for a season after buying it.


Credit Card Fast Results: January Results Series Part 2

credit card fast results in December?

Credit Card Fast Results for January



Credit card fast results from December. How did we do? It has been a very interesting challenge, and took us by surprise. We have had a credit card for a ton of years since becoming debt free. We have never paid an interest payment, and we want to keep it that way. More

Credit Card Fast in December? Series Pt. 1

credit card fast in December?

Credit Card Fast in December, Really?




Credit Card Fast in December: Who would ever do that? Raising hands and jumping up and down…me me me! My personality would never allow me to be subdued about this idea. More

Hot Chocolate Stained Sweater Busted : How I did It !

hot chocolate stained sweater no more

Hot Chocolate Stained Sweater Busted


My hot chocolate stained sweater …my favorite sweater! Thieves Household cleaner you are my hero! You did it! You got that hot chocolate stained sweater sparkling clean. Here is how it happened. Mr. Man and I were sharing a fun, quiet moment at a local sit down- have a cuppa of something cafe. Before I knew it drip, drip, drip went the hot chocolate down the front of my very favorite sweater. Did that cup or my mouth have a hole in it or something? I sighed and decided I would take care of it as soon as I got home. Later that day after arriving home life happened…and it happened for a week. The hot chocolate stained sweater sat there drying, and the chocolate was going deeper into the fibers.


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